2018 Classes


2018 Early Bird Classes (Friday afternoon – no additional charge)

2018 classes are in the development phase. Classes may update and revise.

Hows and Whys of Social Media – Edie Melson – Many writers mistakenly assume it’s either too late or too early to build a solid social media presence. Edie will walk you through the reason social media is non-negotiable for almost all writers, and how to find a way to make it work for your specific situation. Included will be information on why we need a social media presence before we get a contract. Which networks work best for which audience (and why you need to be active on more than one). How to use scheduling programs to keep your social media time commitment manageable. How to compose effective updates that increase shares. What you need to know to connect with your book’s potential audience.

Anna Floit – This Class to be announced 

2018 Stepping UP

Classes for new to intermediate writers

 (Note classes may change and new ones will be added)

Devotions to Reach the Heart – Linda Gilden – 

The First Rule of Fiction – Bob Hostetler –  In my experience as a magazine editor in the Christian field, I was constantly amazed that 90% of the fiction manuscripts I rejected were returned for the same shortcoming: poor conflict-struggle-resolution.  This workshop will help participants develop that crucial ingredient of strong fiction. 

Creating a Scene – Tim Shoemaker – Discover techniques to strengthen your story—one scene at a time. How do you know which scenes to include in your story… and exactly where to start and end a scene? We’ll also look at three elements every scene needs, and three elements for smooth transitions between scenes.

Pitches & One-Sheets: What’s in Your Toolbox? –  Sarah Loudin Thomas – Writing the book can feel like the easy part when you realize you now have to “sell” it to an agent or editor. We’ll discuss how to sit down opposite a publishing professional at a 15-minute appointment without hyperventilating, crying, or spilling a bottle of water in the professional’s lap (I totally did that). Bring your best verbal pitch and copies of your one-sheet if you’re up for a friendly critique, otherwise just come prepared to listen and ask questions that will help you pitch your work.

Denise Loock – Class title to be announced 

How to Get Published – Lin Johnson – Do you like to write but don't know how to get your words published? Are you tired of receiving rejection letters instead of checks? Do you long to see your name in print? Learn the nuts and bolts of getting published in this class. Topics include focusing your ideas for publication, targeting the right markets for your ideas, writing articles, rights and copyright, query letters, keeping records, dealing with rejection, and basic resources you'll need.


2018 Stepping OUT

(Classes for Intermediate to Seasoned Writers)

(Note classes may change and new ones will be added)

The Proposal-Driven Life – Bob Hostetler – Writing a successPoint-of-View—used right—is a tool to make your writing more realistic and powerful. We’ll look at a balanced view of deep POV… and show you how to strengthen your writing in the process. ful book proposal, using real-life samples of proposals that sold.

Turning Your Pain into Prose – Andrea Merrell – Finding inspiration and passion in the hard times then turning it into amazing and touching work.

Writing Articles – Lin Johnson – If you want to get your message to the widest audience, write for magazines. This class will help you focus, research, and structure articles in general. Plus you’ll learn how to write a variety of types of articles.

Diving inot Deep POV – Tim Shoemaker – Point-of-View—used right—is a tool to make your writing more realistic and powerful. We’ll look at a balanced view of deep POV… and show you how to strengthen your writing in the process. 

Latan Murphy – To Be Announced

I Can Be Published Just Because I Can – Cindy Sproles – Self-publishing, the ease and disease of the tool. Learn the importance of work evaluation, attitude, business sense, and investing in your work financially.

Ten Ways to Charm an Editor – Lori Hatcher – Why do editors say yes to some submissions and no to others? This workshop climbs inside magazine editors’ heads to discover the reasons behind their decisions. As a magazine editor and a freelance writer, Lori knows that simple things charm editors and increase a writer’s chance of success. She’ll share ten suggestions, complete with real-life examples in this fun, interactive workshop.  

One-on-One Mentoring – 2018

Eleven spots will be available for one-on-one mentoring by Award Winning, Best Selling author, Yvonne Lehman, author and teacher, Larry Leech, Social Media whiz-gal, Edie Melson, and successful author and speaker, Linda Gilden.

Mentoring spots are open to writers who have a novel or non-fiction manuscript in progress. The mentoring will be a 1-hour to 1.5 hours one-on-one time where Yvonne will work with fiction. Linda will do speaking, magazine and articles, and non-fiction. Speakers should have the beginnings of a platform. And she will work specifically with you on your novel, non-fiction proposal, and presentation.  While Edie will work with you on your website, blog, and social media. Larry will help with your non-fiction and magazine work, also memoirs. The cost is $50 (additional to your boot camp registration) and the spots are first come, first serve.  You will contact Terri Kelly at [email protected]  AFTER you register to apply for one of these mentoring spots.


2018 Keynotes

Edie Melson

Bob Hostetler

Tim Shoemaker

Cindy Sproles